Tuesday, 21 July 2020

IEEE 1394 Drivers

IEEE 1394 Driver issues

As I worked with the Flex 5000 I have come to suspect the IEE1394 adapter card and it's drivers as the source of issue for the unit continuing to enter the "off" mode repeatedly and with no warning or seeming outside intervention.  Reading some of the other user groups points to the drivers not being 100% compatible with Windows 10.  I have followed the instructions to install the legacy drivers for the card, a TI based chipset.  

It is at the state now that it will seemingly randomly work for minutes or hours before shutting off.  

I have read that Windows will "automatically" shift the drivers for the IEEE1394 card back to the Windows10 ones that do not work well.  Today I want to check to see if that is the issue, or not.  

Note the current version of the driver.  
update the driver (see what happens) 
Check the version of the driver and operation. 
IF not acceptable, re-install the legacy drivers previously downloaded.

Here is our starting point. 

First,  Use windows Update feature.

Well, it ought to have tried to update, as I thought I had the legacy driver installed.  text
Device PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_823F&SUBSYS_78563412&REV_01\5&1e3d2069&0&0000E8 was configured.

Driver Name: 1394.inf
Class Guid: {6bdd1fc1-810f-11d0-bec7-08002be2092f}
Driver Date: 06/21/2006
Driver Version: 10.0.18362.1
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Section: Generic.Install.NT
Driver Rank: 0xFF2002
Matching Device Id: PCI\VEN_104C&CC_0C0010
Outranked Drivers: 1394.inf:PCI\CC_0C0010:00FF2005
Device Updated: false
Parent Device: PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_823E&SUBSYS_78563412&REV_01\4&64aeba3&0&00E8

So, now that this is documented, I will now apply the so-called "latest" legacy drivers previously downloaded from MS site:

File name is:  1394_OHCI_LegacyDriver.msi  
Sorry, I cannot save files to this blog.  I think.  
But, I can provide a link from Google Drive:

It worked when I tested it.  No promises down the road....

First I will try to "update" by pointing to the MSI file, that is an installer file, so I doubt it will work.  
No, it did not work.  

I will run the MSI
You don't see a helluva lot.  It blinks, a status info window opens and closes in about 100msec.
reboot computer.  
IEE card is there, and the same info.  Nothing apparently changed

running Power SDR for hte Flex 5000m 2,8,0,169   Hmmmm, it took longer than normal.....

Let's start, this time, by only running it.  No WSJT-X or associated apps.  

Hmmm, seems just fine, other than all the bands are dead today. 

After Two days of the radio running, there was no interruption in the operation of the connection.  It looks like the Firewire connection to the radio is NOT likely the problem.  

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