Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Isomac Boiler Autofill Issue

Symptom:  Only water comes out of the steam wand, pressure on coffee is 4 bar maximum instead of the normal 9 or more bar.

Occurence:  The boiler is filling above the design level to the point that only hot water is available from the steam tap.  Coincident is that the pressure on the group head does not rise above 4 bar.  

Cause:  The boiler autofill solenoid valve has partially failed in the open position.  

Other cause could possibly be the Geimme controller is calling for the solenoid to open while pressing a coffee.  This should not generally happen.  

In this case, draining out the excess water and cycling the group head and pressure pump with the blank filter basket in place seemed to clear up the symptom.  I am ordering a new solenoid valve.  

220V 50/60Hz 9W 1/8" x 1/8" Two-way Lucifer Solenoid220V 50/60Hz 9W 1/8" x 1/8" Two-way Lucifer Solenoid483510s6 xs03xs6f

This assembly includes the Lucifer 220V coil with a 1/8" F x 1/8" F BSP valve body. Be sure to check for the water flow direction indicator arrow on the bottom of the valve body. Uses the standard size electrical connector.

fittings ΓΈ 1/8"FF - max 10 bar
VITON seal - orifice 2.5 mm
with coil 483510 9W 220/240V 50/60Hz
fluid temperature -40°C+140°C

My machine is 120V so this version would not work for me.  

I am looking for the best price on the solenoid.

Hah: Found a Canadian source for 40% less bucks.  OOPS wrong base.  This one will not work. 

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